Over the last five years I have written a lot of instructional posts, first for the Young Democrats of America and then for a larger audience. Unfortunately finding all of these posts in my archives as well as the archives of other sites I have contributed to is not a simple task. To make things easier I have put together a list of most of my resource, tips, and advice posts that a) still exist–some of my YDA only posts have disappeared–and b) are still somewhat relevant. I have included the post date next to the title so you will have an idea of how relevant it may still be.

I hope some of these are still useful to people. If any of these are no longer relevant at all please let me know in the comments.

60 Free Online Tools for Organizing – 12/2009

The Social Psychology of Facebook Events – 3/2010

Horizontal Segmentation: Harness the Power of Multiple Media – 6/2008

Build Your Exposure and Spread Your Message with Blog Comments – 5/2008

Get More From Your Email Data – 3/2010

Collecting Vote Pledges on the Internet – 6/2008

Don’t Hate, Appreciate: Thanking Your Members – 5/2008

Facebook Group Membership Building – 5/2008

Your Website as a Fundraising Tool – 5/2008

Using Google Spreadsheet Form Tool for Free Online Surveys – 5/2008

Using Twitter for Your Organization – 5/2008

More Tips on Websites and Blogging – 4/2008

The Importance of a Quality Website – 4/2008

Getting the Most Out of Your Members – 4/2008

Developing a Traditional Media Strategy Part 1: Media Lists and Press Releases – 4/2008

Developing a Traditional Media Strategy Part 2: Working With Reporters – 4/2008

Developing a Traditional Media Strategy Part 3: Media Monitoring – 4/2008

Developing a Traditional Media Strategy Part 4: Rapid Response and LTE – 4/2008

Blogger Outreach 101 – 4/2008

Why You Should Get Involved in Your Local and State Parties – 4/2008

Blogging for Young Democrat Chapters – 4/2008

Get Creative with Paid Search Advertising Keywords – 9/2008

Peer-to-Peer in The Audacity to Win – 12/2009

Technology in The Audacity to Win – 12/2009

Young Voters in The Audacity to Win – 12/2009

Peer-to-Peer Organizing Guide – 9/2010

Street Teams and Young Professionals – 12/2009

Facebook Page Best Practices – 5/2009

Increasing Membership of the YDA Facebook Page – 4/2009

Raising Money from Low-Dollar Donations Online – 3/2009

Creating Pre-Populated Twitter Links – 7/2008

Promoting Your Campaign Online – 6/2008

Confirm RSVPs for Facebook Events – 6/2008

Making Your Website’s Posts Social Bookmark-Friendly in Textpattern – 4/2008

Tips for College Chapters Starting a New Year – 7/2007

Vote Pledges and Why They Work – 6/2008

Moving Beyond the Low-Hanging Fruit in Youth Organizing – 7/2008

Using Flickr for Your Organization – 6/2008

Your Organization as a Brand – 5/2008

Branching Out Beyond Traditional Party Politics – 4/2008

Organizations Can’t Have Conversations, Only People Can – 7/2008

The Power of the Marginal, Innovation, and the Strength of Failure – 4/2008

Always Include Evidence In Your Action Alerts – 3/2012

No, You Shouldn’t Create Your Own Social Network – 7/2008