Links for July 30, 2012

Election War Room 2012 Kickstarter Launches | GamePolitics Morning Briefing: Voter ID Laws Could Disenfranchise 5 Million Voters | ThinkProgress Predatory For-Profit Colleges Pay Executives Based On Corporate Profitability, Not Student Outcomes | ThinkProgress The Deep, Dark Mysteries of Pennsylvania’s Voter ID should college students protest? « Three Teens Collect 170,000 Signatures Asking For […]

Links for July 30, 2012

US Census Bureau releases public API for mobile and web developers | The Verge

Links for July 27, 2012

Nebraska Hate Crime Victim Comes Forward In New Interview | ThinkProgress Former Florida Republican Party Chair Says Republicans Actively Suppressed The Black Vote | ThinkProgress Groups follow voters’ Web use – House Republicans Perpetuate Voter Fraud Myth, Fine With Disenfranchising Voters | ThinkProgress South Carolina Attorney General Admits Voter ID Won’t Prevent Voter Fraud […]

Links for July 27, 2012

The Future of Higher Education | Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project Wyden Traps Feds In Their Own Words: ACTA Explanation Opens Up Big Hole In Cybersecurity Bill | Techdirt UMD President and Provost Contemplate Partnership with Coursera, Outline Future of Blended Learning | InTheCapital Study: Obama leads world leaders in Twitter popularity, […]

Links for July 26, 2012

How the Crowd Wrote a Constitution: Learning From Iceland | TechPresident The Crisis of the American Law School – Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money What’s the Deal with the Pennsylvania Voter-ID Law? Graduate Students, College Athletes, And The Fight For Labor Rights | ThinkProgress Why Parents Need Freshman Orientation More Than […]

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