Awesome Games Done Quick 2013 is a week-long marathon of video game speedrunners raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. This is the third annual marathon and already easily the most successful. The first AGDQ in 2011 raised $53,000 for PCF, the second raised $149,000, and the current marathon which began on Jan. 6th and runs until tomorrow night has already reached its second goal of $250,000 after reaching their initial goal of $100,000 in two days.

A packed schedule of games played by runners from around the world have collected thousands of donations from viewers who have had the opportunity to donate towards incentives and challenges and to win donated prizes.

In a time when video games and the people who played them are actively vilified and scapegoated by the media and political figures, events like this and organizations like Child’s Play help prove the naysayers wrong.

Check out the marathon stream and read more about their efforts to raise money for charity through marathons.