The Generational Alliance is a coalition of organizations including United We Dream, GetEQUAL, Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA)/Institute for Asian Pacific American Leadership & Advancement (APALA), United States Student Association, The Gathering for Justice, Black Youth Vote!, Native Youth Leadership Alliance, National Council of La Raza Action Fund, Local Power Network, Young People For, a program of People for the American Way Foundation, Campus Camp Wellstone, The League of Young Voters, and Advocates For Youth collaborating to work towards a just immigration process for all aspiring and future Americans.

Together, Generational Alliance, representing a diverse group of young people and issues, calls upon political leaders – President Barack Obama and Members of Congress – to pass just, inclusive, and common sense immigration reform that:

  1. Includes a direct, viable, and fair roadmap to citizenship for all immigrants
  2. Respects family unity
  3. Upholds human and civil rights in immigration enforcement and detention
  4. Protects workers’ rights
  5. Provides access to resources

1. Roadmap to Citizenship:
We advocate for a direct, viable, and fair roadmap to citizenship for all immigrants–including the 11 million undocumented Americans residing in the United States today, particularly for those who are at a disadvantage in accessing existing immigration channels, such LGBT people. We support a pathway that:

  • Does not cut out members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender (LGBT) community, day laborers, domestic workers and stay at home parents by imposing unrealistic employment requirements
  • Provides affordable and accessible application and processing fees that will not discourage working families from accessing the roadmap to citizenship
  • Provides an expedited pathway to citizenship for recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and other forms of temporary status
  • Includes a DREAM title that does not arbitrarily cut out some individuals who arrived in the United States as a minor due to their current age
  •  Does not exclude members of our community with minor criminal histories, particularly where that history was due to a person’s immigration status
  • Does not depend on any type of border trigger for a pathway to citizenship, particularly one that relies on decisions made by a committee of border governors

2. Respect Family Unity
We recognize the important role the family unit provides for both individuals as well as the community–socially, emotionally, and economically. Therefore, we support efforts focusing on family unity through:

  • The inclusion of the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA) so that Americans in a same-sex, bi-national relationship have the opportunity to sponsor their partner like heterosexual couples
  • The adjustment of the quota system– specifically, the increase the cap on family-based visas in order to reduce the current 4.3 million backlogs
  • Ending the 3 and 10 year re-entry bars of foreign nationals who were found to reside in the United States unlawfully, therefore allowing for the reunification of bi-national families
  • Ensuring that immigration enforcement is sensitive to family needs

3. Immigration Enforcement and Detention
We call for a revision on the practices of enforcement and detention in which:

  • Non-discriminatory procedures are utilized as well as conditions to reserve human rights, due process, and accountability of all people, including those who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
  • Ends racial profiling, pretextual arrest and breach of civil liberties such as Secure Communities Program, 287(g) and mandatory E-Verify
  • Eliminates the artificial deportation quota of 400,000 people per year, which has resulted in the separation of countless families
  • Does not result in a more militarized border, which is both wasteful and harmful to border communities

4. Workers’ Rights
We support the needs of undocumented and temporary workers and the security of their rights by:

  • Providing whistleblower protections included in the POWER Act
  • Creating transparency in employment based visa processes and enhancing recruitment regulations to ensure employers and recruitment agencies do not exploit and abuse workers
  • De-linking employment requirements to legalization so workers are not exploited and tied to agencies or employers
  • Fixing the ruling of Hoffman Plastics and allow payment of backwages for undocumented workers
  • Improving and expanding U, S, and T visa programs to provide protection for those cooperate with law enforcement especially needed for trafficked workers and survivors of violence
  • Creating a streamlined process for workers to claim credit for past social security contributions
  • Improving the Adverse Effect Wage Rates (AEWR) for immigrant farmworkers in a manner that reflects current inflation rates, provides all workers with fair pay regardless of their legal status, and prevents the exploitation of the worker by implementing high productivity standards that are disproportionate to their set wages

5. Rights to Resources and Protections
We acknowledge that in order to survive and prosper in the U.S., aspiring Americans must have access to the following resources:

  • Federal student financial aid not exclusive to student loans
  • Professional and commercial licenses at the local, state and federal level
  • Healthcare — including removing the 5-year bar affecting people with legal residency as well as the exclusion of DACA beneficiaries from Medicaid, CHIP and other benefits of the Affordable Care Act
  • Increase in resources and support for asylum seekers as well as eliminating the 1 year filing ban