Right now, students at UW-Madison are occupying Chancellor David Ward’s office.

They’re risking arrest to show solidarity with our fight for justice at Palermo’s Pizza.

Students are not going to allow Chancellor Ward—who you may recall said he would not speak out against Palermo’s continued attacks on workers’ rights—to ignore their demands to cut the university’s contracts with Palermo’s any longer.

Call Chancellor Ward now at 1-877-947-2906 and tell him you’re standing with the students, that you don’t want any students to be arrested and you want UW-Madison to cut its contracts with Palermo’s Pizza TODAY.

This is not the first time students have done a nonviolent sit-in to protest Chancellor Ward’s inaction on supporting workers’ rights.

During Ward’s first tenure as chancellor in the late 1990s, students organized sit-ins to get the university to take a stronger stand on sweatshop labor. After telling protesters he wouldn’t arrest anyone and would talk with them, he went back on his word and ordered riot police.

Some 54 students were arrested, but their actions forced the university to join the Worker Rights Consortium—the same organization that issued a scathing report on Palermo’s that Ward continues to ignore—and take a stronger stand for workers’ rights.

Tell Chancellor Ward not to repeat the past. Call him at 1-877-947-2906 and demand he not arrest any students and that he cut the contracts with Palermo’s Pizza NOW.

In Solidarity,

Raul de la Torre
Palermo Workers Union

P.S. Follow the Student Labor Action Coalition on Facebook for live updates from the sit-in.