Millennials are on the rise in the Middle East — and bring their own agenda

Cole says millennials in the Middle East are forming political, social and cultural organizations specifically designed to represent the goals and interests of their generation.

A ‘Lost Generation Of Workers': The Cost Of Youth Unemployment

Youth unemployment remains remarkably high across the country. In some places, the unemployment rate among 16- to 24-year-olds is more than twice the national unemployment rate, which is currently 6.3 percent.

The Tinder Lawsuit: What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Women In Tech

But the really ugly, vicious thinking that needs to be crushed isn’t in girl culture. It’s in guy culture. And until guys want to change guy culture, we’re going to keep seeing cases like Tinder, like Snapchat, like Github.

Threats to the Internet Loom in Near Future

“Corporate influence on the political process will largely eliminate the public’s freedom to do as they please on the Internet at least in the US. I would like to see the Internet come to be regarded as a public utility, as broadcast spectrum was, but I think the concentration of power is too extreme for that degree of freedom to happen.”