I’ve created a form for people to suggest novels for the Reading Women Writers Series. The form is embedded below or can be accessed here. Feel free to submit more than one suggestion. Loading…

Some Site Statistics

I saw some numbers related to this site that blew my mind a bit: This current iteration of KevinBondelli.com (it existed a couple years previously but the posts were lost) has had 1,944 published posts. Through my Delicious account, which I use to create the link posts, I have bookmarked and shared 18,802 links. In […]

On April Fool’s Day 2010, I posted a fake story about Republicans using Farmville to reach out to young voters. It turns out, 17 months later, that story has become true. Imagine my surprise when I started seeing my Photoshopped RNC FarmVille screenshot on Games.com, GamaSutra, and GamePolitics. Unfortunately my other April Fool’s Day posts […]

What I Read: Kevin Bondelli

I get asked a lot about where I find the links I clip to every day. Inspired by The Atlantic’s What I Read feature, I decided to post my own. The main source for my clips is Google Reader, where I subscribe to around 500 active feeds. The feeds are triaged into folders based on […]

Top Posts of 2010

Here are the top posts from the fourth year of KevinBondelli.com. The posts from March and April dominated the list. November 11: Student Skills for the 21st Century September 30: Peer-to-Peer Organizing Guide April 25: Photos and Video from April 25 SB1070 Protest April 23: Photos and Video of #SB1070 Protest Yesterday April 08: Millennials, […]

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