In a post on RedState, the farm team for CNN contributors, blogger Neal Stevens implies that conservatives would have repealed Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare if they had the opportunity, but that it took too long for Republicans to regain control of Congress and by that time the American people realized those programs were actually […]

Stupid Headline Choice, CNN

A post today from the CNN Political Ticker Blog had the headline “DNC falls short of RNC in September cash haul.” The Democratic National Committee raised just over $8 million last month, according to a party source – a total that would put the DNC behind the Republican National Committee for the month, which reported […]

Today is Blog Action Day and this time it is dedicated to the issue of climate change. Instead of writing a post about climate change I decided to find some of the better creative commons photographs from Flickr that illustrate the damage that is being done to the planet due to fossil fuel emissions. For […]

Why I’m Angry

Just to show that I am not taking a few comments and getting riled up about them, here is a sample. There are 87 more pages of comments like this that I didn’t even get through. This is why Republicans call progressives elitist. Huffington Post 4-10 Huffington Post 4-9 Daily Kos Diary ASU, a third […]

In February a group of Young Democrats in Arizona created a website to promote a proposal they authored to fix what many argue is a broken Arizona Democratic Party. Initially they chose to do so anonymously, fearing, and it turns out rightly so, that some older members of the Party would disregard their ideas without […]

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