Over the last five years I have written a lot of instructional posts, first for the Young Democrats of America and then for a larger audience. Unfortunately finding all of these posts in my archives as well as the archives of other sites I have contributed to is not a simple task. To make things […]

INTRODUCTION TO PEER-TO-PEER Peer-to-peer campaigning is built on three principles: The more personal a contact, the more effective it is in turning out voters. People are most strongly influenced by people they know and people that are similar to them. The most effective way to reach potential voters is to go to the places where […]

Get More from Your Email Data

Many organizations fail to take advantage of their data from email campaigns. Too often those who are in charge of these campaigns only look at each of their email’s statistics in isolation if at all and in doing so waste an opportunity to improve their email tactics by looking at their output as a whole. […]

Street Teams and Young Professionals

On Saturday the Young Democrats of Arizona’s leaders of working and young professional chapters met in Phoenix to discuss recruitment, street teams, and best practices. The discussion began on street teams for both advocacy and collecting vote pledges, specifically brainstorming locations: Bars, coffee shops, and local hangouts Sports events Cultural events Concerts City, community, and […]

One of the big criticisms of Google Wave is that people don’t see how they can use it for anything productive. My post yesterday on 60 Free Online Tools for Organizing was based on a crowdsourcing effort with Colin Curtis and Sarah Burris using Wave, and I wanted to give a brief description of how […]

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