The College Republican National Committee, Young Republican National Federation, American Crossroads, and the Republican State Leadership Committee have launched an independent expenditure superPAC, Crossroads Generation, to try to shift the Millennial vote from blue to red. Crossroads Generation is starting out with $750,000 provided by the CRNC, RSLC, and American Crossroads. According to the AP: […]

I Am the 53%

Last month, Sarah wrote about the GOP recently pushing a “youth are leaving Obama” narrative. One of the major sources for these conservative columnists is a new ‘youth’ organization called Generation Opportunity. Since its public announcement on June 1, 2011, Generation Opportunity has become one of the largest and fastest growing organizations targeting young Americans […]

A Washington Times editorial today by some guy named Ted Nugent, who apparently is an unknown expert on the Millennial generation, states that Millennials “are being led to their own slaughter and are blindly following along instead of fighting for their own survival.” Nugent is “stunned that they are not participating more in the Tea […]

“The human toll here looks to be much worse than the economic toll and we can be grateful for that.” Because to conservatives, losing points on a stock exchange is worse than losing lives.

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Emilio Huerta for Congress

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