Ten students from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) are holding a sit-in today in college President John Maeda’s office and calling for the university to divest from major fossil fuel companies. The students are demanding that President Maeda and Board of Trustees Chair Michael Spalter personally endorse divestment from the coal, gas, and […]

While catching something like this on tape is somewhat rare, this is happening with increased frequency due to rising CO2 emissions and global warming.

Energy Action Coalition, the largest youth advocacy coalition in the country, is challenging the findings of a recent study undercutting youth commitment to the environment because of major issues with the study’s methodology, opposing polls with polar opposite results, and actual youth involvement in climate, energy, and environmental issues. The new report from San Diego […]

The Environmental Defense Action Fund has launched a Campus Video Challenge for student environmental groups. The student environmental group that adds the most unique videos telling Senators to support climate legislation to their personal Take a Stand YouTube playlist by May 30th can earn up to $3,000 in grants for future projects. The university groups […]

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