The Republic National Committee has added a new tool to its arsenal in the high-stakes battle for the lifetime allegiance of Millennial voters. FarmVille, a popular Facebook application game with over 80 million monthly users, allows players to “grow delicious fruits and vegetables and raise adorable animals on your very own farm!” The RNC is […]

The Social Psychology of Facebook Events

One of the biggest complaints I hear about organizing on Facebook is the difficulty in getting people to actually show up to events that are promoted on Facebook. By using the social psychology principles of social proof and consistency/commitment you should be able to dramatically increase your event turnout. Social Proof According to Dr. Robert […]

Coffee Party Running Facebook Ads

It looks like the “Coffee Party Movement” is starting to get serious about online organizing. I just saw this Facebook ad to drive traffic to their Facebook Fan Page, which currently sits at just under 100,000 fans. Their Facebook strategy appears to run on the central-hub model, with a national Coffee Party Page and child […]

Earlier today President Obama answered questions submitted through CitizenTube via the White House Live Facebook application. I had hoped to have the video from the question and answer session to embed here, and have been waiting for it since CitizenTube hours ago claimed that it would be available shortly, but unfortunately it is not yet […]

Imagine a situation out of “To Catch a Predator,” but instead of trying to bust people soliciting underage sex they bust college students for underage drinking. That’s exactly what the police department in La Crosse, Wisconsin is doing. The La Crosse police department set up a fake Facebook account for an attractive female student and […]

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