Worst Facebook Ad Ever?

If this isn’t the worst Facebook ad I have ever seen, it is right up there. Rule #1: Never use Microsoft Paint, especially for trying to write text by hand. Rule #2: Try not to use the phrase “Chubby Singles.” Rule #3: See Rule #1. And in case you were wondering, this ad is for […]

Become a Fan of Future Majority on Facebook

Future Majority on Facebook Future Majority has a shiny new Facebook page. Become a fan and spread the word.

The Young Democrats Working for America have launched a new Facebook page for the coalition. Become a fan of the page to show your support for the team and to see travel recaps, announcements, and more. Check out ydaworks.com as well, the website for the coalition. If you want to learn more about the YDA […]

Young Democrats Facebook Pages

A number of state Young Democrats chapters have created Facebook pages. Here is the list of state pages that I have found. If your state chapter has a Facebook page that isn’t listed here leave a comment and I’ll add it. Young Democrats of America Massachusetts California Connecticut Kansas Nebraska Missouri Arkansas West Virginia New […]

Facebook Page Best Practices

I have been spending a lot of time working with Facebook Pages recently, and I wanted to share some best practices that I have picked up. Status Updates Status updates are the bread and butter of Facebook Pages. They are your primary source of communication and through likes and comments the primary source of interaction […]

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