Over the last five years I have written a lot of instructional posts, first for the Young Democrats of America and then for a larger audience. Unfortunately finding all of these posts in my archives as well as the archives of other sites I have contributed to is not a simple task. To make things […]

Flickr Slideshows Using Iframes

A lot of people that use wordpress or another CMS think that they need to install a Flickr plugin in order to embed slideshows into posts or pages. In actuality, if you are not picky about the appearance of the slideshow the process is as easy as putting some iframe code into your HTML. Here […]

The KSA Conundrum: Get that Job Anyway

This is a blog post I wrote in early 2007 on kevinbondelli.com 1.0. I found it going through some old documents so I thought I would post it. Everyone has looked at job postings and found something they think that they would be good at, only to see KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) that seem […]

Emilio Huerta for Congress

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