A group of students at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN have been staging a sit-in of administration buildings in protest of the college’s relationship with Wells Fargo. The sit-in started on April 23 and the students are pledging to remain until the college switches to a different banking institution. Via KSTP: The student campaign […]

Student Skills for the 21st Century

Our current educational system is a relic of a bygone era. Rote memorization, a skill valuable in a time when access to information and reference material was far more limited, remains the primary component of learning in today’s classrooms. With the internet, widespread access to information makes finding facts, dates, and other trivium as simple […]

A Wall Street Journal article on Monday exclaimed that the recession has led to the closing of “The Bank of Mom and Dad” for many young Americans. While I have always found the term to be condescending, and somehow only applied to middle-class families and not the ultra-rich, students do seem to be more on-their-own […]

New Reports on Student Lending

Last Monday I wrote about how increased tuition and student debt have drastically lowered the return on investment of college degrees. In the last week two new reports have been published specifically dealing with student loans and the resulting debt burden. The first report was produced by Education Sector, entitled Drowning in Debt: The Emerging […]

Has College Become a Bad Investment?

Jack Hough of the New York Post wrote the provocatively titled “Don’t Get That College Degree!” last week, where he argues that the increase in lifetime wages for graduates no longer makes up for the financial burden of university education and the ensuing student loan burden. Hough’s hypothetical model showing the greater financial position of […]

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