What Illegal Immigrants Look Like

Frantic silhouette people. This has been a public service announcement for AZ Gov. Jan Brewer. *Cue The More You Know jingle* UPDATE: I guess the message here is too subtle and people are taking it the wrong way. Here is the explanation: Even traffic signs are based on stereotypes. When Republicans say that there won’t […]

GOP Youth Fear Ad

In the wake of the release of the Powerpoint presentation revealing the Republican Party’s strategy of fear, a new ad scaring young Americans away from supporting health insurance reform.

Eric Massa Resignation Scandal Over Time (Graph)

This graph was created by using state of the art predictive analytical software.

Cartoon: Playing Operation in a Republican House

Video: I’m On a Mac

I may actually be a PC, but I can’t say no to an “I’m On a Boat” parody.

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