Yesterday in a 17-13 party-line vote, Arizona Senate Republicans passed House Bill 2593, which solves a crucial problem in Arizona’s politics: low campaign contribution limits made it harder for the wealthy and special interests to exercise their God-given right to buy the elections. Before this bill, campaign contributions to statewide/state legislative candidates were limited to […]

There are many, many times that my current home state of Arizona has made me grateful to be able to take solace in knowing I am a California native, and this is certainly one of those times. As reported in the Phoenix New Times, House Bill 2467, sponsored by Republican state Representatives Bob Thorpe, Sonny […]

The conservative philosophy of government can be summed up by a single passage in historian Charles Beard’s An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of The United States: Inasmuch as the primary object of the government, beyond the mere repression of physical violence, is the making of the rules which determine the property relations of members […]

Arizona Iced Tea is not based in Arizona, and now they sure as hell want you to know that. The passage of SB1070 and the resulting backlash in the form of boycotts and outrage have made it a liability to be a business based in the state of Arizona. While most of the calls for […]

Newark students walk out of school, take City Hall Yesterday students from across the state of New Jersey walked out of their classes and descended upon Newark to protest Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s education budget cuts. The walkout and protest grew organically from the online efforts of Michelle Ryan Lauto, a Pace University freshman who […]

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