Governor Jan Brewer and Arizona Republicans have devastated the state education system, passed “birther” laws, and legalized racial profiling. Arizona needs a change. Our citizens should not have to live in fear or feel shame for the actions of our state government. Support the Arizona Democratic Party to help remove these Republicans and put an […]

The recent vote to rewrite textbooks by the conservative dominated Texas State Board of Education has received a great deal of attention over the last few days. The lesson that we as progressives need to take away from it is one that conservatives internalized long ago: people that are elected to “downballot” races can have […]

Some young Kentuckians sent this to me and asked me to post it. An Open Letter to the Young Citizens of the United States Fellow Young Americans, Here in Kentucky we pride ourselves in civility, hospitality, gentility and all the components of a polite society. As such, we are customarily compelled to extend to you […]

Last weekend Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli sent a letter to VA public colleges and universities encouraging them to drop discrimination bans against gays and lesbians. In the wake of Cuccinelli’s homophobic actions, Virginia students have been using Facebook to take a stand against this attempt at discrimination and the Virginia Young Democrats are mobilizing […]

This weekend Craig countered a Wall Street Journal article that falsely claimed the minimum wage increase is the main factor leading to increased youth unemployment. Unfortunately, Republicans in Arizona are running with this false argument in an attempt to drastically reduce the minimum wage for young adults. This attempt is AZ House Bill 2639: Legislation […]

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