Arizona Kind of Sucks Right Now

If anyone wanted to know what happens when Republicans control nearly every aspect of a state, here is a sample of what is happening in the Arizona government right now. First, we are going to go and privatize our state parks. How about publicizing the names of everyone who needs welfare support? Or slashing Medicaid […]

Job: Field Organizer / Youth Organizer Location: Varies – all over the commonwealth. Compensation: $300 Weekly Stipend, Free Housing, Gas Reimbursement When: Rolling start dates September 1st through 15th, end date November 7th Why: Help the Democrats keep the governor’s mansion and take back the House of Delegates! Benefits: Beef up your resume with only […]

Garth Corriveau, the President of the New Hampshire Young Democrats, has filed to run for Alderman in Manchester’s Sixth Ward. It’s great to see the leaders in the Young Democrats organization running for office, and I strongly encourage you to become a fan of Garth’s Facebook page. While you are at it, you should also […]

The California Young Democrats (CYD), offended by Governor Schwarzenegger’s flippant remarks regarding his lack of stress about California’s budget situation, are demanding that the Governor grant all Californians access to his Jacuzzi while California’s economy remains stalled due to his governance and the Republican legislators’ bargaining tactics. In an interview published in Sunday’s New York […]


Last night I watched as Arizona Republicans wreaked havoc on education and services for Arizona’s least fortunate in the last minute budget session. The Republican budget is a disgusting manifestation of their failed priorities: corporations and the wealthy win while everyone else loses. Here is an example of what I saw: Republicans voted to privatize […]

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