Proposed Charter for the Greater Boston Chapter of the Massachusetts Young Democrats Publish at Scribd or explore others: Law & Government Business & Law governance democrats Kevin Gilnack from the Massachusetts Young Democrats is using Scribd to share and get feedback on the proposed charter for the Greater Boston Young Democrats. I have been a […]

During a campaign rally for Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell in Virginia Mike Huckabee made this statement: You have two jobs. One, get all those people who are going to vote for Bob out to the polls and vote. If they’re not going to vote for Bob, you have another job. Let the air out […]

Massachusetts Young Democrats Now on YouTube

Subscribe to their channel at Here are the links to the YDM Facebook and Twitter accounts mentioned in the video: Facebook Group Twitter

In February a group of Young Democrats in Arizona created a website to promote a proposal they authored to fix what many argue is a broken Arizona Democratic Party. Initially they chose to do so anonymously, fearing, and it turns out rightly so, that some older members of the Party would disregard their ideas without […]

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