DREAM Act Fails in the Senate

The DREAM Act failed in the Senate after Republicans and five Democrats, Pryor (Ark) Tester (Mont.), Nelson (Neb.), Hagan (NC), and Baucus (Mont.), voted no. Campus Progress issued the following statement: Statement of Angela Peoples, Policy and Advocacy Manager at Campus Progress (the youth division of the Center for American Progress), on the Senate’s failure […]

On the eve of an historic vote on the fate of the DREAM Act, the National Immigration Law Center and a coalition of civil rights, education, child advocacy, and labor organizations have released the “DREAM Act 2010 Yearbook,” featuring the personal stories of undocumented young men and women who would benefit from this legislation. If […]

Misleading Summaries of Health Care Polls

From the release for Gallup’s new poll about public opinion of the health care law (emphasis mine): Americans are most likely to say the healthcare law passed earlier this year goes too far (42%), while 29% say it does not go far enough and 20% say it is about right. Those who believe the law […]

Student Skills for the 21st Century

Our current educational system is a relic of a bygone era. Rote memorization, a skill valuable in a time when access to information and reference material was far more limited, remains the primary component of learning in today’s classrooms. With the internet, widespread access to information makes finding facts, dates, and other trivium as simple […]

Blog Action Day 2010: Aqua Shock #BAD10

This post is a review I first published last year which is pertinent to this year’s Blog Action Day topic. Aqua Shock: The Water Crisis in America by Susan J. Marks provides an analysis of the emerging water crisis in America by looking at its causes, governing structures, and potential solutions. The United States uses […]

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