Right now, students at UW-Madison are occupying Chancellor David Ward’s office. They’re risking arrest to show solidarity with our fight for justice at Palermo’s Pizza. Students are not going to allow Chancellor Ward—who you may recall said he would not speak out against Palermo’s continued attacks on workers’ rights—to ignore their demands to cut the […]

At 2:15pm today, 12 students entered Chancellor Ward’s office to protest his refusal to uphold UW-Madison’s code of conduct for companies that produce goods using UW logos. The students are demanding that the university cut ties with Milwaukee-based frozen pizza manufacturer Palermo Villa Inc over the company’s labor practices. The sit in comes after a […]

A group of 18 students affiliated with United Students Against Sweatshops have occupied the office of University of Texas President Bill Powers over the use of sweatshop labor in manufacturing official University of Texas apparel. The University of Texas logo is one of the most profitable university licenses in the world, and students are demanding […]

A video of then Republican Presidential Nominee Ronald Reagan giving a speech on Labor Day, 1980. He is referring to Poland in the speech, but he frames the concept as universal: These are the values that are inspiring those brave workers in Poland. The values that have inspired other dissidents under Communist domination who have […]

The conservative philosophy of government can be summed up by a single passage in historian Charles Beard’s An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of The United States: Inasmuch as the primary object of the government, beyond the mere repression of physical violence, is the making of the rules which determine the property relations of members […]

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