Today we in the youth movement remember and give thanks to those who came before us; whose dreams will live on for generations to come. We continue the effort against the “defenders of the status quo” and their “offensive to impose their own schedule of change.” From Why We Can’t Wait: As in these two […]

Angus Johnston of has posted some questions in response to the first two articles in my Lessons Learned from Sociopolitical Movements series. These are some great questions, so I am going to take a crack at answering them here. Why “Movement” rather than “Movements”? It’s not obvious to me that all of the groups […]

Before we can properly apply the lessons of the past to the Progressive Youth Movement we need to take a look at the different types of organizations that make up today’s movement. It is important to note that many organizations fall under multiple categories. This analysis excludes conservative and Republican organizations, though includes non-partisan organizations […]

This is the introductory article in what will most likely be a large series entitled “Lessons from Sociopolitical Movements” that will run alternatively here and on Future Majority. The series will be based on research I have done over the past few years on social and political movements throughout American history. To start off the […]

Emilio Huerta for Congress

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