Links for January 29, 2014

When Big Data Marketing Becomes Stalking – Scientific American The botmaker who sees through the Internet – Ideas – The Boston Globe BPS Research Digest: Girls underperform when they play chess against boys – real-life evidence of stereotype threat? » The First Ever State of the Youth Address @theleague99 Tech Giants, Telcos Get OK to […]

Links for January 28, 2014

racial pluralism in schools reduces discussion of politics, and what to do about that « Peter Levine NSA, GCHQ Spying On Angry Birds And Lots Of Phone Apps: Time For Mobile Security To Up Its Game | Techdirt Rooting For The Laundry: The Absolute Insanity Of Decisions About The NSA Being Made Based On ‘Liberal’ […]

Links for January 27, 2014

Cryptography experts pen open letter against NSA surveillance | The Verge There is no one Twitter experience — there is only your Twitter experience — Tech News and Analysis Valley of the Blahs: How Justin Bieber’s Troubles Exposed Twitter’s Achilles’ Heel – Nielsen: Internet Advertising Grew 32% In 2013, But It’s Still Only 4.5% […]

Links for January 26, 2014

Everyone Agrees San Francisco Is Not the Next Nazi Germany – The Wire If The Net Had A Saint « The Dish Kleiner Perkins founder says Silicon Valley elite are being treated like Jews in Nazi Germany | The Verge Udacity founder: MOOCs can help the economy, even if they can’t replace college — Tech […]

Links for January 25, 2014

Grad Students Reunionize – In These Times Net Neutrality Ruling Will Disempower Latinos, says National Hispanic Media Coalition VP : Tech : Latin Post President Obama Forms White House Task Force on Protecting Students from Sexual Assault | InTheCapital Zeroed out: Minority kids impacted by zero-tolerance laws – Low-Wage Workers Have far More Education […]

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