Links for June 14, 2013

Did Gmail Tabs Just Kill Email Marketing? >> The Brick Factory Secret Court Ruling Put Tech Companies in Data Bind – A Promise of Changes for Access to Secrets – Race vs. Class – The False Dichotomy – After Patent Ruling, Availability of Gene Tests Could Broaden – NSA Surveillance May […]

Links for June 13, 2013

Supreme Court rules that natural genes aren’t patentable, but synthetic ones are | The Verge NSA Snooping Matters, Even If You Have ‘Nothing to Hide’ Why ‘I Have Nothing to Hide’ Is the Wrong Way to Think About Surveillance | Wired Opinion | Growing up with social media | Graham Jones | Internet Psychologist […]

Links for June 12, 2013

Why YOU should worry about the NSA surveillance program | Stephen M. Walt | Stephen M. Walt The American Scholar: College’s Raison d’être – Margaret Foster America’s Worst Charities, a Tampa Bay Times, CIR and CNN Investigation | Tampa Bay Times Warren On Student Loans: “Test Of Whether We Can Organize Something At The Grassroots” […]

Links for June 11, 2013

87 Months in Prison for Copyright Infringement: Fair Sentence or Utter Madness? | TorrentFreak The Daily Dot – Pakistan may block Google over “blasphemous” YouTube videos Dr. Oz Claims Violent Video Games ‘Hurt’ Teens; Backs Up Claims With Absolutely Nothing At All | Techdirt Majority Of Americans Okay With NSA Dragnet… Or, Wait, Not Okay […]

Links for June 8, 2013

As Criticism Grows, Curtailing Surveillance Program Seems Unlikely – Jamie Dimon Says The Bad Reputation Of Millennials Is ‘Hogwash’ – SFGate Millennials Haven’t Just Rejected the GOP — We’ve Embraced Big Government Under the covers of the NSA’s big data effort — Tech News and Analysis Report: Tech companies didn’t allow feds “direct access” […]

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