On his September 29th show David Letterman did a top 10 list about young voters, which is pretty much the top 10 stereotypes about American youth. Clip and list below. 10. Refer to himself as the Chillaxer-in-Chief 9. Limit speeches to 140 characters or less 8. Broadcast all Oval Office addresses in 3D 7. Replace […]

If you have been watching any news over the last month or two there is probably a word that you have been hearing every 10 minutes. It’s also a word that you probably did not hear all that often in the past. The word that I refer to is “dithering.” I used Google Trends to […]

Stupid Headline Choice, CNN

A post today from the CNN Political Ticker Blog had the headline “DNC falls short of RNC in September cash haul.” The Democratic National Committee raised just over $8 million last month, according to a party source – a total that would put the DNC behind the Republican National Committee for the month, which reported […]

CNBC Apologist Mike Hegedus Gets it Wrong on HuffPo

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Some CNBC apologist would try to defend the network against Jon Stewart and get it all wrong. It turns out that person is Mike Hegedus on Huffington Post today. Hegedus is a former CNBC correspondent, known for features about such topics as pink Jeeps and Gluten-free cookies. […]

Tom Brokaw and the Millennial Generation

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