Wall Street Journal Wrong on Axelrod Method

Matthew Kaminski of the Wall Street Journal wrote a column comparing the difficulties faced in governing by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to potential difficulties for Sen. Obama if elected President. His argument is that “The Axelrod Method,” a campaign based on hope, change, and a candidate’s inspiring personal story, makes it difficult to “turn an […]

Choose or Lose and Kanye West Present: Homecoming

Morning Joe: The Disgruntled Youth

They start actually talking about it 2 minutes in. Focuses on how angry we are and how anonymity has led to wild and crazy netroots action. “Modern technology has empowered whack jobs.”

In commemoration of July 4th and our young veterans, MTV’s “Choose or Lose” will takeover MTV2 tomorrow with special programming, including a bloc of “True Life” episodes.  Exclusive messages from John McCain and Barack Obama that pay tribute to the young men and women who have served in the nation’s armed forces will air exclusively […]

YDA President David Hardt on Larry King Live Tonight

YDA President David Hardt and Christina Aguilera will be on Larry King Live tonight discussing the youth vote.

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