I Must Have Been an Outlier

Since my generation apparently doesn’t care about the environment, at least according to one Jean Twenge, I was shocked when I found this school assignment I did in 1991 when I was 8.

Time magazine has just released its 2012 Time 100 Poll, which is open for voting with the winner being named in the upcoming Time 100 issue. Below are all of the candidates that are 32 or younger. The youngest nominee is actor Jennifer Lawrence at 21. In addition, there are two non-person nominees that are […]

Energy Action Coalition, the largest youth advocacy coalition in the country, is challenging the findings of a recent study undercutting youth commitment to the environment because of major issues with the study’s methodology, opposing polls with polar opposite results, and actual youth involvement in climate, energy, and environmental issues. The new report from San Diego […]

Today you may have noticed an onslaught of “narcissistic Millennial” articles across the internet. This is because Dr. Jean Twenge, the San Diego State University professor whose career is devoted to portraying Millennials as narcissistic and “Gen Me” has a new article in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The article, which is behind […]

Last month, Sarah wrote about the GOP recently pushing a “youth are leaving Obama” narrative. One of the major sources for these conservative columnists is a new ‘youth’ organization called Generation Opportunity. Since its public announcement on June 1, 2011, Generation Opportunity has become one of the largest and fastest growing organizations targeting young Americans […]

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