From a Capstrat press release: A national poll conducted by Capstrat and FGI Research found that the online generation of Millennials (people between ages 22 and 30) are creating and consulting an informal advisory board of family members, spouses, friends and co-workers to make important life decisions. Overall, 73 percent of respondents prefer to obtain […]

A Washington Times editorial today by some guy named Ted Nugent, who apparently is an unknown expert on the Millennial generation, states that Millennials “are being led to their own slaughter and are blindly following along instead of fighting for their own survival.” Nugent is “stunned that they are not participating more in the Tea […]

On his September 29th show David Letterman did a top 10 list about young voters, which is pretty much the top 10 stereotypes about American youth. Clip and list below. 10. Refer to himself as the Chillaxer-in-Chief 9. Limit speeches to 140 characters or less 8. Broadcast all Oval Office addresses in 3D 7. Replace […]

I would like to build upon Alex Steed’s response to last Saturday’s Washington Post article on the Millennial work ethic. The Pew Report The Post article was based on a survey from the Pew Research Center’s report on Millennials, in which Millennials were the only generation to not self-identify “work ethic” as one of the […]

Michael’s post on voter registration modernization made me think about Millennials, the Democratic Party, and the relationship between the two regarding issue advocacy and legislative priorities. I see three distinct dynamics based on the legislative priorities of young progressives and the Democratic Party. 1) Youth asked to support Democratic legislation that is not a youth […]

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