John Oliver on Cable Company Fuckery

Here is FCC.GOV/comments for your call-to-action convenience.

I put together a very short slide presentation. Internet Fast Lane Explained from Kevin Bondelli

A Facebook Dialogue on Net Neutrality

So yesterday I gave in and engaged a conservative on Facebook that was spouting nonsense about net neutrality. ________________________________ CON: Multinational corporations such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. put together the “Net Neutrality” movement to help their bottom line. The end of free internet begins when the Gov’t starts regulating it. ME: I call bullshit […]

Beware the New New Thing – New York Times RECENTLY, the House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust task force invited me to be the lead witness for its hearing on “net neutrality.” I’ve collaborated with the Future of Music Coalition, and my band, OK Go, has been among the first to find real success on the Internet […]

Emilio Huerta for Congress

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