The DFA Netroots Nation Scholarship Program holds a special place in the collective heart of the Future Majority team. In 2008 Sarah Burris was a recipient, and Michael Connery and I were selected in 2009. Netroots Nation is an amazing experience, and Democracy for America has been providing opportunities for progressives across the country who […]

During the Youth Caucus at Netroots Nation the most compelling item for discussion was whether there were youth issues or if every issue has a youth perspective. I tend to believe the latter, and here’s why. When most people think about youth issues (youth as in young voter, not minors) the two things that most […]

#NN09 and How to Improve for #NN10

I’m finally back to writing after my marathon conference schedule starting with the YDA National Convention in Chicago and ending in Pittsburgh for Netroots Nation 2009. First I would like to thank Democracy for America for providing me with the opportunity to attend through their scholarship program. I was a little underwhelmed by the panels […]

Sunday Photo: Pittsburgh #NN09

I Won a DFA Netroots Nation Scholarship

Thanks to the help of many of you that supported me, I was chosen by Democracy for America to receive a 2009 Netroots Nation Scholarship. I want to specifically thank Sarah Burris, Hillary Hunt, Maritza Lopez, and Michael Connery who all went above and beyond in recruiting supporters and helping me during the application process. […]

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