Coffee Party Running Facebook Ads

It looks like the “Coffee Party Movement” is starting to get serious about online organizing. I just saw this Facebook ad to drive traffic to their Facebook Fan Page, which currently sits at just under 100,000 fans. Their Facebook strategy appears to run on the central-hub model, with a national Coffee Party Page and child […]

Credo Action’s OMGGOPWTF campaign has redefined the practice of paid email list building. Traditionally businesses and organizations would pay hefty sums of cash for email lists from marketing firms with a cost-per-email pricing model. Unfortunately for both the list customer and the people on those lists, unsolicited email doesn’t get a good response and honestly […]

Gary Vaynerchuk on Online Advertising

I’m a huge fan of Gary Vaynerchuk. Seriously, Gary is pretty much the best there is at using social media to build community. In this video Gary talks about advertising in this economy and how online advertising is the way to go. Although he focuses on business, everything he says is 100% true for political […]

Emilio Huerta for Congress

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