A New Generation of Online Organizers

This week 60 progressives participated in the New Organizing Institute‚Äôs Bootcamp, in Washington, DC. Together we learned how to build a website, update it, create a new media campaign via social networks, and tweet. Trainings prepared participants each night for their campaign activities, which center on a mock election for Mayor of DC. The candidates […]

Iran and the New Media Toolset

Bill Maher’s recent comment that “Twitter didn’t save Iran. Iran saved Twitter” has sparked some debate about the use of social media and its relevance to important issues and events. Personally, I don’t think Maher’s comment hits the mark. Twitter wasn’t a service that needed saving, nor is it alone responsible for helping promote Iranian […]

Where We Go From Here

The Obama campaign sent out an email today from David Plouffe in an effort to bring the movement for change into action: Please take a few minutes and help shape the future of this movement. Share your campaign experience and your thoughts on the best way to keep supporting our agenda for change. The inauguration […]

Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations highlights the role that the internet has played in enabling people to self-organize for a purpose. We have seen this in practice during the Obama campaign and most recently Join the Impact, created in response to the passage of California’s Proposition 8. Join the […]

DFA’s Facebook GOTV Strategy

I have a new post up on Future Majority reviewing Democracy for America’s Facebook GOTV strategy. Go check it out.

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