I just posted on Future Majority with a quick idea about the differences between generations in using the internet for political expression. Please head over there and comment with your thoughts. I’m trying to flesh out the idea with your participation.

MoveOn Embraces Talk Like a Pirate Day

I received this email from MoveOn today asking me to attend a phone bank party for Obama. It’s an interesting way to break through the white noise of email communication. Avast, me hearties! Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day to ye. Have ye heard the scum thar bilge rat John McCain’s been slingin’ at me […]

Chris Bowers’ Awesome Idea

Yesterday I wrote a post about getting creative with the use of keywords and landing pages in paid search advertising. Well, today Chris Bowers took the concept a step further with his amazing post on Open Left. His idea essentially takes the concepts of creative keyword advertising but throws in the concept of running your […]

Facebook’s new design has been hotly debated, with users either loving or hating it. I personally like it. However, no matter your feelings on the design it is probably here to stay. There is a bright side though. The new Facebook design could actually be better for political campaigns. Facebook Advertising Facebook ads are popular […]

It’s that time when local campaigns are starting to get active, organizations are recruiting and carrying out campaign plans, and people are coming up with ways to improve their campaigns. This is a list of 34 resource/tutorial/tips on campaigns I have written in the last year, all in one place. 1. Creating Pre-Populated Twitter Links […]

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