One of the big criticisms of Google Wave is that people don’t see how they can use it for anything productive. My post yesterday on 60 Free Online Tools for Organizing was based on a crowdsourcing effort with Colin Curtis and Sarah Burris using Wave, and I wanted to give a brief description of how […]

At the Young Democrats of America Fall Conference in Orlando last month attendees had the chance to break off into discussion circles for various topics. One of these topics was free online tools. Using Google Wave, Colin Curtis, Sarah Burris, and I came up with this list of free online tools that are useful for […]

Google Voice is the talk of the town right now, but while it is absolutely incredible for certain carriers, ATT isn’t one of them. For people that use carriers like Verizon or Alltell that allow you to make unlimited calls to certain numbers, switching over to your Google Voice number essentially gives you unlimited minutes. […]

Flickr Slideshows Using Iframes

A lot of people that use wordpress or another CMS think that they need to install a Flickr plugin in order to embed slideshows into posts or pages. In actuality, if you are not picky about the appearance of the slideshow the process is as easy as putting some iframe code into your HTML. Here […]

Proposed Charter for the Greater Boston Chapter of the Massachusetts Young Democrats Publish at Scribd or explore others: Law & Government Business & Law governance democrats Kevin Gilnack from the Massachusetts Young Democrats is using Scribd to share and get feedback on the proposed charter for the Greater Boston Young Democrats. I have been a […]

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