EVERYONE IT'S GONNA BE OK! @GovJayNixon HAS BEEN PRAYING ON THE SITUATION! http://t.co/e1LNL2emzo — Kevin Bondelli (@kbondelli) August 14, 2014 HEY @GovJayNixon I THINK ALL THIS TEAR GAS IS BLOCKING YOUR PRAYERS ON WAY TO HEAVEN. MIGHT NEED TO TRY SOMETHING ELSE. — Kevin Bondelli (@kbondelli) August 14, 2014 UM @GovJayNixon I THINK THE POLICE […]

More Police Brutality

Let me begin by saying that the kid the cop chokes out in this video was an idiot. While I have seen people respond to this video saying the cop’s actions were justified because the kid was asking for it, it is clear that this is an example of excessive force. The kid is up […]

Battle for the Net

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