From a Capstrat press release: A national poll conducted by Capstrat and FGI Research found that the online generation of Millennials (people between ages 22 and 30) are creating and consulting an informal advisory board of family members, spouses, friends and co-workers to make important life decisions. Overall, 73 percent of respondents prefer to obtain […]

Which is good to know, since a lot of what I’ve been seeing media-wise is that the internet and video games are destroying an entire generation. The Social Times reports that recent research indicates that the opposite may be true: According to a new body of research described by Los Angeles Times, teens who are […]

CIRCLE Report: Spirit of Rebellion

CIRCLE’s new working paper, Spiral of Rebellion: Conflict Seeking of Democratic Adolescents in Republican Counties, “shows a striking pattern of Democratic youth thriving in political expression and debate when exposed to Republican ideological climates.” The study compares Democratic adolescents to Republican adolescents, and further breaks down the comparison into those living in Democratic, balanced, and […]

The October 2009 CIRCLE report has been released about college students and voting. Here are some of the findings: Students can be diligent voters with high turnout, both by absentee ballot and in local voting. Students who can vote in their home state or their college state are strongly influenced in that choice by the […]

Two Articles of Interest From First Monday

There were two interesting research pieces from yesterday’s First Monday: Everyday life, online: U.S. college students’ use of the Internet The goal of this study was to learn about how college students are using the Internet and to compare their use of it to that of college students as reported in 2002 by replicating and […]

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