Campus Pride Releases Campus Climate Index

How well does your university score when it comes to LGBT equality? Campus Pride has released its Campus Climate Index rating U.S. colleges and universities on the LGBT-friendliness. You can read the press release here. To date, nearly one hundred public and private four- year campuses are listed online, and nearly twice that have committed […]

Read the entire article at Consumerist Hey kids, good news! Student loans will become cheaper under a bill approved last week by the Senate. H.R. 2669, passed 78-17, will recast the Department of Education as Robin Hood, diverting money from lending companies to students.

¬†WSJ – College Students Facing Rising Birth-Control Prices College students returning to campus in a few weeks will be greeted by steep increases in one of the few items they have been able to buy cheap: birth control. For years, drug companies sold birth-control pills and other contraceptives to university health services at a big […]

When I graduated from college in 1977, the average cost for a year’s tuition, room, and board at a public, four-year school was $1,936. That was a major expense: almost 15% of the average American household’s income, enough to make many families think twice before sending their children to college. Since then, the price tag […]

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