I have always been intrigued by virtual stock exchanges. I spent a lot of time in college playing around on the Hollywood Stock Exchange and I try to check out new ones as they emerge. Empire Avenue is a virtual stock exchange with a twist: you are investing in users of the site, and other […]

Credo Action’s OMGGOPWTF campaign has redefined the practice of paid email list building. Traditionally businesses and organizations would pay hefty sums of cash for email lists from marketing firms with a cost-per-email pricing model. Unfortunately for both the list customer and the people on those lists, unsolicited email doesn’t get a good response and honestly […]

When Will We See the Dark Side of Twitter Lists?

Now that Twitter has rolled out their Lists feature to everybody, one question remains: when will we see the dark side of Twitter lists? So far most lists have been positive, based on topics covered, status, groups, etc. However, it is only a matter of time before negative lists begin popping up. By negative lists […]

Transparency Corps is the crowdsourcing project of the Sunlight Foundation that allows participants to take part in tasks that improve government transparency. One of the current tasks, “How Many Votes,” has participants look up the election information for members of the House and Senate, including number of votes, % of the vote, and the year […]

Only five days after I wrote about how you shouldn’t create your own social network, a new social network, mypoliticalworld.com, was brought to my attention. Now, I normally don’t jump to conclusions with these things. I set up an account and check out the site/features and then I make a judgment as to whether or […]

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