If there is a single universal truth, it is that young people love everything that is EXTREME!!! Especially when it is so extreme the first E can’t keep up, resulting in XTREME!!! This past weekend conservatives swarmed the District for CPAC, their annual orgiastic encomium of Ronald Reagan, shooting things, racially-tinged humor, and bow ties. […]

This email was sent out earlier today. The Democrat convention is only a few short weeks away, and its already shaping up to be a complete spectacle. The media are falling all over themselves to give it glowing coverage, thats why CRs have to get in there and get our message out before its too […]

From LSJ.com A lawyer who formerly led a Michigan young Republicans organization has pleaded guilty to sexual battery for forcing sex acts on a woman while both were at a convention last July. The case was headed to trial, but prosecutors reached a plea agreement with Michael A. Flory during a break in jury selection […]

Generation Chickenhawk: The Unauthorized College Republican Convention Tour from huffpost and Vimeo. Generation Chickenhawk Max Blumenthal has done a good job at showing us exactly what we are up against. For anyone that was in Dallas for our National Convention, take a look at this video and compare it with our convention. Though of course, […]

Emilio Huerta for Congress

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