The College Republican National Committee, Young Republican National Federation, American Crossroads, and the Republican State Leadership Committee have launched an independent expenditure superPAC, Crossroads Generation, to try to shift the Millennial vote from blue to red. Crossroads Generation is starting out with $750,000 provided by the CRNC, RSLC, and American Crossroads. According to the AP: […]

INTRODUCTION TO PEER-TO-PEER Peer-to-peer campaigning is built on three principles: The more personal a contact, the more effective it is in turning out voters. People are most strongly influenced by people they know and people that are similar to them. The most effective way to reach potential voters is to go to the places where […]

Gallup’s new presidential approval report, Obama Approval Continues to Show Party, Age, Race Gaps, indicates that young and minority voters are the strongest supporters of the President. The poll shows why the Vote 2010 strategy for OFA/DNC that President Obama spoke about last month makes sense. Younger and minority voters are the most supportive, are […]

If there is a single universal truth, it is that young people love everything that is EXTREME!!! Especially when it is so extreme the first E can’t keep up, resulting in XTREME!!! This past weekend conservatives swarmed the District for CPAC, their annual orgiastic encomium of Ronald Reagan, shooting things, racially-tinged humor, and bow ties. […]

During the 2008 campaign conservatives were portraying young voters as automatons with a cult-like devotion to Barack Obama. There was an assumption that young Americans would unquestioningly answer the beck and call of Obama and Democratic leadership regardless of what we were being asked to support. 2009 and the first month of 2010 have proved […]

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