Prior to Tuesday’s election Craig Berger and I each wrote harbinger posts. Craig’s piece, Prepping for the ‘Youth Disengagement’ Meme, highlighted the need for candidates to respect young voters as any other voting demographic, and that they need to be asked for the votes and support. My article, What Happened to Investing in Young Progressive […]

Despite the chatter from the punditry, yesterday was a big day for Millennials. While they focus on two races with candidates that ignored the youth vote and wonder why turnout did not match 2008’s all time high, a number of young people won local elections throughout the country. In New York, Young Democrats of America […]

Yesterday Craig wrote about the “Youth Disengagement Meme” and closed with the following paragraph: Unfortunately, given the lack of funding for many progressive youth organizations, the communications efforts aren’t there. By no means am I an expert in progressive youth infrastructure, but I do want to raise awareness of this. Because I have a feeling […]

Youth Organizing Webinar Tomorrow

The New Organizing Institute is holding a free youth organizing webinar tomorrow from 3-4 PM Eastern Time. Here is the description: Young people aren’t just a demographic anymore – they create and sustain movements. With youth vote gaining in momentum, it’s critical that your organization learns how to organize young people effectively, whether it be […]

Local Elections in Youth-Dense Areas

Yesterday I sent out a tweet asking my followers to send topics that they wanted to see me write about here on Future Majority. Karlo’s suggestions received a couple of retweets in support, so I will cover the first one today and the second later this week. Thanks to everyone who participated and keep checking […]

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