Erica Williams of Campus Progress does the entire youth movement proud at the State of the Black Union.

Michael’s post on voter registration modernization made me think about Millennials, the Democratic Party, and the relationship between the two regarding issue advocacy and legislative priorities. I see three distinct dynamics based on the legislative priorities of young progressives and the Democratic Party. 1) Youth asked to support Democratic legislation that is not a youth […]

Cross-posted on Future Majority. Mike’s analysis of the failure of the Youth Ball highlights an issue that is often overlooked regarding the youth movement: the disconnect with young political staffers. To add insult to injury, many of us who have worked to engage youth for 4 years or more were scrounging to receive ANY tickets […]

It’s happening all over the country. In state after state, young people are proving they are fired up about the election and committed to bringing about real change. In Colorado, young people turned out in record numbers to cast their ballots in the February caucuses. Mark admires young people who stand up for Colorado through […]

Over on Future Majority I just posted an article on Moving Beyond the Low-Hanging Fruit in Youth Organizing. Check it out. Photo by cesarastudillo

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