Berkman Fellows Eszter Hargittai and Aaron Shaw collected data soon after the 2008 presidential elections on a diverse group of young adults from Obama’s home city of Chicago. In this presentation Hargittai and Shaw look at the relationship of online and offline political engagement based on this data, and consider the relative importance of numerous […]

CIRCLE has recalculated its estimation of youth turnout following reweighted exit poll data from Edison Research. The original post-election estimation of youth turnout was 20-21% of registered 18-29 voters for a vote share of 11% of the electorate. The new reweighted estimation is 22.8% of young voters with a 12% vote share. Youth turnout in […]

DNC Chairman Tim Kaine and RNC Chairman Michael Steele are showing their party‚Äôs commitment to the youth vote by committing — in writing — to provide exclusive video answers to the 7 questions young Americans choose as most important to them and to their votes. 13-35 year olds have one day only to submit and […]

A recent poll conducted by the Economist/YouGov on support for the Tea Party shows that young voters are the least likely to identify as a part of the “movement” out of all age groups. The poll also shows that President Obama’s highest approval ratings on issues come from voters between the ages of 18 and […]

Gallup’s new presidential approval report, Obama Approval Continues to Show Party, Age, Race Gaps, indicates that young and minority voters are the strongest supporters of the President. The poll shows why the Vote 2010 strategy for OFA/DNC that President Obama spoke about last month makes sense. Younger and minority voters are the most supportive, are […]

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