Approximately 2/3 of the U.S. population plays video games. The video game industry has grown from a niche market to cultural mainstream, yet many publishers are sticking to games that appeal to their original niche demographic: young white men. As a result, the protagonists of the vast majority of AAA game releases are white males. […]

NY Daily News sportswriter Mike Lupica seemed intent on beating the high score for framing a tragic story entirely around video games with his cringeworthy profile of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza on Monday. The article was based on few anonymous sources, like “a tough career cop who did not wish to see his name […] caster MANvsGAME is currently holding a 24-hour marathon to raise funds for the production of the Documentary Where God Likes to Be. The documentary tells the story of three young members of the Blackfeet tribe in Montana: Where God Likes To Be portrays what it means to be Native American today – taking a […]

With the closing of Google Reader, a number of people are saying that it isn’t a big deal because they get their news from people on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Those people are wrong, mostly because they have no idea how a supply chain works. People may be getting their news from people […]

I’m hesitant to weigh in at all on heated topics such as this, but I think the reaction raises a broader question than the specific incident. I watched the reaction online to The Onion‘s post-Oscar tweet and was struck by something ironic: people who’s stated goal was for The Onion to delete their tweet took […]

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