to Become Reality, Another Item Off My Wishlist

Great news for user-generated government. New Obama CIO Vivek Kundra (one of the brightest minds when it comes to government and technology) indicated on a conference call that is about to become a reality:

In a 25-minute conference call, Mr. Kundra discussed some of his plans and interests, including his intention to extend the use of “cloud computing” in the federal government and to create a web site that will put vast amounts of government information into the public domain.

Some of you might remember when I called for this last November:

I think there should be a centralized that provides all of the data in a single location. The site should also highlight and share the best mash-ups and applications created from the data.

A lot of Vivek’s work up to that point was influential in my writing that post, so to see him get the appointment and get off to such a great start is a dream come true.