Health Insurance Reform Will Help Young Americans

Health insurance hasn’t always been the sexiest issue for young Americans, but as the Millennial generation enters the work force (or tries to) we are realizing just how important it is.

President Obama’s plan for health insurance reform will have an immediate positive impact for young Americans.

  • Lowers costs by putting a cap on what insurance companies can force you to pay in out of pocket expenses, co-pays and deductibles. It also eliminates yearly and life-time limits on how much insurance companies cover if you get sick. A car accident or cancer diagnosis shouldn’t force you to live your entire life in debt.
  • Special young adult policies that will be offered by private insurance plans and a competitive public option. You will have increased choices and increased competition that holds private insurance companies accountable.
  • Millennials frequently changes jobs, move, or hold part-time or temporary jobs. Under reform, it doesn’t matter – you will always have choices of quality, affordable health insurance.
  • Health insurance reform will allow you to stay on your parents’ health care plans until you’re 26. This will help to cover the one in three young adults who are uninsured.
  • Young Americans are just starting out in their jobs and careers, and they often don’t have access to job-based coverage. Even when they do, they often don’t have the money to spend on expensive health insurance. Health care reform will offer health insurance to those without job-based coverage and provide premium assistance to those who still can’t afford it.

We must continue our effort to bring real health care reform. Stand with President Obama and voice your support.

Photo by seiuhealthcare775nw