Obama, the National Equality March, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Back in May I wrote a long article about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the need to do justice to our gay and lesbian military heroes. As of today, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is still in effect, and activists from across the country marched together in Washington to support equality.

At the HRC dinner President Obama reaffirmed his commitment to end DADT, yet many activists are skeptical, and with good reason. As I discussed in my article, the gay and lesbian community has often been promised things from elected officials that they supported, only to have those items pushed back, ignored, and sometimes even opposed because of fear of the right wing.

The Millennial Generation overwhelming supports equality. The servicemembers who are being victimized by the DADT policy, which includes straight women, are mostly members of this generation. The government asks American youth to risk their lives at war, yet continues to disrespect the service of so many.

The country is ready to end this policy, and every day that the administration postpones action more young patriots will suffer.