On Medium I put up a new piece on how disagreements on the left over the Trans-Pacific Partnership are based on loyalties vs. ideology.

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A Response to Bob Lefsetz on Indiana

In the April 4, 2015 edition of his Lefsetz Letter, Bob Lefsetz conflates two mostly unrelated arguments into one, muddling both. Using the outrage over Indiana and Arkansas’s Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRA) as his example, Lefsetz argues:

  1. Musicians used to have the people on their side and as a result had the courage to speak out for or against things. Today it is the corporations, especially tech, that have the people’s support and are speaking out.
  2. The music industry is faltering because it refuses to adapt to change or utilize their leverage the way that tech companies have, and musicians are blaming everybody but themselves. This is why they have lost the people.

Read the rest on Medium.

Mother Jones has the story, but I am posting this solely for the purpose of my Photoshop creations of Rep. David Moore.

Rep. David Moore

Rep. David Moore

John Oliver on Cable Company Fuckery

Here is FCC.GOV/comments for your call-to-action convenience.

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